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8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
hi there crew.im looking for a second hand calcium reactor for a 850L setup.something not to pricey.
Yes - I am selling the cal reactor 2nd hand - includes some media and the solenoid valve. This for 2 K. This normally retails for 3k plus.

You will then have to purchase additionally:

A ph controller of your choice.
A co2 cyl - fire extinguisher normally cheapest and easiest.
A regulator of your choice.

This will cost anything from R1800 upwards depending on what you buy.
Mekaeel, let me know if you don't come right with BristleBasher.

I have a Reef Octopus CR-1000, media, C02 bottle, regulator (no pH controller) which I am willing to part with as I don't anticipate upgrading to a large tank again.
How much you want for it craig?
Around R2000 for the following:
CR-100 reactor (incl pump + built-in bubble counter)
Caribsea ARM media (99% left)
2kg C02 bottle (empty)
Regulator + solenoid valve.

Used for about 2 months, has been standing empty for the last 8 months.
Where are you based?

I'm keen.
Afsal, Dober Man, this is mekaeels thread, please wait for him to conclude his purchase on the offers he has been given before you continue, Thank You.
Yes, the reactor is still available - check your PM.

I would agree with Dean - I offered the reactor to Mekaeel first, so he has preference. If for some reason he does not take it, I will open a new for sale thread and Dober man will be first in line :)
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