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6 May 2007
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If anyone is looking for chaeto, I can give some if you are willing to fetch from me. I am in Roodepoort but near Randburg. I harvest every 2-3 weeks.

And if you harvest your chaeto everyu now and then, then please post in which area you can supply newbies with chaeto.

Lets help out!

If there is enough interest/demand, I will make this thread sticky.
Hi Galibore

I'd love some Chaeto. Can also collect as I'm in the Randburg area. I'm going overseas soon any chance I can get some when I get back?


JAC , tell gaibore to post some for u , thats how the chaeto originally got to dean , in an envelope all the way from england (no jokes)!!!
Hi Galibore - did you read Afsal's comments? Would you be able to do me the favour? Put some chaeto in a little bank-bag, and then in a normal envelope.... then post me some? ;-)

Please? pretty please?

No problem. Just let me know when. I might even be able to drop some off as I somtimes work in Randburg.


Ok. I will see what I can do. Please PM me your Postal Address.
Cool. Will let you know when I posted it. But at this stage it seems like it will only be this weekend.

Anyone in PE or got some Cheato??
If you don't come right, let me know, I will post some to you, I am sending some to Vernon (or was it Joe, not sure now) next week, maybe I can pop an envelope into the mail for you, or you could just ask Hill, he's got loads :p
Thanks will do
Hey dude I will bring some down on D-Day. Or you can pick up if you come this way.
dontr talk about that day man, it bad enough as it is :p

Thanks would apreciate that
Great stuff man, nice, so you gotta dress up all pretty and all that :lol:
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