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    Anyone have a link to an easy to use aquarium wall thickness calculator for acrylic? Or a table would also do.
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    All Acrylic used for Aquariums should be Cell-Cast. Do not use Extruded for anything taller than 12" tanks
    Basic thickness guidelines are as follows and only applies to tanks 8 feet or less in length:

    Aquarium Height
    Sheet Thickness
    1 to 12 inches high
    1/4 inch thick sheeting

    12 - 18 inches
    3/8 inch

    18 - 24 inches
    1/2 inch

    24 - 30 inches
    3/4 inch

    These are just guidelines and have been used by most of the commercial tank builders, the Acrylic manufacturers recommend thicker sheet, but the above recommendations have been "field-tested" over time and have proved reliable. Obviously, if money isn’t an issue get the next thickest size, it surely won’t hurt.




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