Vortech Mp60 vs Tunze 6255

Discussion in 'Pumps and Waterflow' started by JAJA, 29 Jun 2012.

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    I'm using the Tunze 6105 pumps on my current 600 litre DT and I've been generally happy with performance except for the restricted directional flow.

    I'm now planning a 2500-3000 litre tank and considering pump options.

    My requirements are;

    1. Quality and reliability
    2. Good back up service
    3. Value for money. I'm willing to pay extra for added features though.
    4. Wide water movement
    5. Controllability - Profilux
    6. Battery back-up
    7. Fewer pump achieving the greatest and widest amount of controllable water movement.
    8. Power consumption
    9. Low noise levels (and this is my main reservation with the vortech range)

    I know how the tunze's perform relative to my requirements but not the vortech's.

    Anyone have the MP60 installed on their tanks that can provide a review against my requirements? If so I'd appreciate some feedback.
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    JaJa, I have sent you a private message, cheers Anita

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