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Discussion in 'Pumps and Waterflow' started by ScottK, 6 Apr 2012.

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    16 May 2011
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    I got my Vortech MP10 w ES yesterday and I am so far really happy with it, this little pump really does shunt a lot of water around.

    I am having an issue with the Nutrient Transport Mode. I have set and saved my wave up in the short pulse mode and have got a small but decent wave motion. When I switch to the NTM mode it just continuously does the short pulse and never switches over to the surging bit to promote moving detritus to the overflow. Anybody know if there is something else to setup to get it working properly?

    I have posted in the Ecotech forum on reefcentral but the yanks are still sleeping :)
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    Post in the AD sponsor section. Scott or Donovan will help you.
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    Mine is set on the NTM mode and it cycles through different modes. I just push the mode button till the led turns purple, then push the set button to move it onto the ntm mode, then turn the dial to set the max flow, mine is set to the max. It should then just cycle between high and low pulse modes, the whole cycle is 7hrs I think so at times it might seem like it is stuck in one mode.

    It will have long pulses, where the power indicators stay on full all the time, then different pulses where the leds move along. If you have it set on the 1st purple mode, tidal swell, it does seem like it just pulses at one speed most of the time. I don't think setting the wave has any effect on the pump when it is in ntm mode as it runs on a pre-programmed pattern and one just needs to set the max flow rate.

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