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8 May 2007
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We’ve just come across some sneaker shots of an as of yet unannounced product from Ecotech Marine, the Vortech Drive Mounting Bracket. After years of relying on a simple two sides of Velcro, Ecotech Marine has finally deemed fit to offer a mounting bracket for the VorTech Driver.

All we know about the VorTech Driver Mounting Bracket is that it is made of metal, and will allow users to slide their VorTech driver securely into the Mounting Bracket while keeping all the cords and cables free. The new Vortech Driver Mounting Bracket works with both the EcoSmart and QuietDrive versions of the driver since these are encased in the same sized housing. We’ve seen a splash-resistant vortech driver housing from third parties before, but is the first time such a mounting solution has been made available from Ecotech Marine proper.

The metal mounting bracket is finished in an attractive black anodizing and will mount to any surface which can receive screws for firmly fixing the bracket in place. We don’t expect to hear a “big announcement” about the VorTech Driver Mounting Bracket, it may simply start showing up in the Ecotech Marine Parts store in the coming weeks or months, but we don’t expect it’ll cost too much when it does become available.

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