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    Volx Japan is set to release the GrassyCube LED module in June. Volx Japan has been an interesting company to watch from afar and the company seems to have a good following with Japanese reefers.

    From what we can gather in translation, the GrassyCube LED power module uses LED color mixing technology to optimize color rendering performance in reproducing real color. The unit uses 18 LEDs that are configured in three channels each controlling six LEDs in white, blue and violet channels with 100 degree optic lenses.

    The GrassyCube is 86 x 86 x 80 cm in size covers a 24 x 24 in. area (60 x 60cm) and consumes anywhere from 5-50W. There is an optional Bluetooth controller to allow you to control the light from your smartphone or tablet.

    [via Reef Builders Japan, additional images via LSS Laboratory Blog]
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