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    Japan’s Volx is releasing its first line of aquarium LED fixtures with the Grassy Solare Reef and Grassy Solare Plant LED fixtures soon. We primarily saw Volx Japan releasing the LeDio PAR 38 spotlight with interesting color and spread options in the past that has now evolved to the reef and plant Grassy Solare panels.*

    The full spectrum LED lights have been in the works for two years and is coming in two flavors — one for the reef side of the hobby and the freshwater planted side:

    • Grassy Solare Plant
      for water plants in freshwater, color rendering properties is likely to achieve Ra90.*And that the utility model is also pending.
    • Grassy Solare Reef
      in seawater is likely to reproduce the spectrum of 3M water depth.
    There is a bit lost in translation but from what we can gather the fixtures have three LED circles in the center (each consisting of three LEDs) and on the front and back feature a row of six LEDs for a total of 21 LEDs driven at about 1.3-1.4W for a total power draw of 30W. The units will just be a basic on/off configuration with no timer or LED controls but this could be a great starting template for a more robust and controllable LED panel.*


    From looking at the pictures, it appears the planted and reef versions are different sizes so we aren’t sure if this is the difference between the two products or just to show two possible versions. It also looks like the prototype arm seen on the reef version will not make it into final production with the product shipping with a cable mount for the fixture. It would be interesting to get Volx out to a North American aquarium event like MACNA to see just these products in person.

    [via 1.023 World]
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