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    8 Apr 2012
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    Hi all,

    My question is:

    I started dosing vodka about 4weeks ago according to the set method.

    I started 0.6 ml on a net water volume of 600l.
    I am now on 1.2 ml per day split in 2.

    NOW I am not dosing more because when I got to 1.6ml per day I saw the milkyness and white strings (slimy). Only a little though. I stepped back to 1.2 ml.


    My water is clearer at times. Early morning and late at night. Hours after dosing.
    My skimmate is gunkier if I can put it that way and it stinks more.

    I still get a little milky water but no white slime at 1.2 ml.

    Why a bacterial bloom at this low dose?
    Also my nitrates remain the same. Region of 15-25.
    Should I keep it at 1.2 ml and wait for nitrates to drop or should I increase? 1.2 is low for 600 liters?
    It feels like my system can not handle more than 1.2 ml at this stage but at the same time it does not feel that my nitrates will drop at this dose?

    Anybody with experience in this regard?

    Thanks a mil!
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    Goodwood Cpt
    I dosed 3ml a day in my system, without any problems and worked fine for me.
    This is only a temp measure to give you time to solve the actual problem.

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