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    We’ve visited Vivid Aquariums many times before but we were absolutely floored by the incredible diversity of Acropora that Vivid is currently offering for sale. Now we’ve seen quite a few stores get loaded up on maricultured Acros and stocking a huge number of frags but take our word for it, you ain’t never seen an assortment of Acros like the one currently being offered up in Canoga Park, California.

    There must be upwards of thee hundred specimens of Acropora in this one single eight foot tank and not only do they look great, they are mostly large frags to small colonies. What struck us most was the sheer diversity of Acros Vivid is currently holding; there must have been sixty to eighty different species represented. All the popular Acropora species were well represented, with plenty of Abros and Hokies to go around, all looking great right along side oddballs like elegans, lokani, vermiculata, florida, echinata, speciosa, rambleri and we may have even spotted a single Acropora kosurini.

    To top it all off the large frags/small colonies were all very reasonably priced – this particular tank started at $50 a piece and topped out at like $85 for larger pieces – we even saw three big chunks of blue-tipped pink Acropora clathrata for only $60 each! We purchased a couple pieces for the home reef and had we not gotten there shortly before closing, surely we could have chosen a couple more specimens to come home to Colorado.

    It is not a coincidence that Vivid is currently up to its gills, practically swimming in all these awesome acros, because their very long display reef is currently down for rebuilding/re-engineering and they also recently bought the entire aquarium population of a high energy SPS reef tank that was being taken down for good. If you want some of this small-polyped axial tip goodness you’d better hurry down to Canoga Park today or place your order over the phone before they close – by tomorrow surely all of SoCal will know about the treasure trove of Acropora at Vivid Aquariums.

    Holler in the comments if you are lucky enough to get down there and score a piece but if you live too far away, this video taken on Monday is about as good as virtual window shopping can get. DISCLAIMER: Vivid Aquariums is a sponsor of Reef Builders.
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