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    Normally when we post full tank shots on Reef Buidlers, without exception these are tanks that already look good, tank of the month, mature aquarium with a nicely aquascaped reef or coral structure. As soon as we watched this video of YouTube user Vivaldi’s new reef tank, we knew we had to share this exceptionally modern thinking reef tank. Minimal rock, trimless tank, LED spotlights and a trio of Vortech MP40 pumps all give us great hope that this is one reef tank that is on track for greatness.

    With three Vortech MP40 water pumps and no corals, there is presently no need for the Vertex MOceans but as corals are added and as they grow in the oscillating jets will help to bring additional water movement to even more of the reef tank. The five Ecoxotic LED Cannons add to the dramatic trimless look of the tank and we really look forward to seeing how well corals grow and color under these sexy solid state lights. We can think of just a couple tweaks that we would have done differently for our personal set up but these are really up to personal preference. If you have any constructive criticism for Vivaldi’s new masterpiece in the making, let him know in the comments.
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