RSS Vital-Wave from Eco-Lamps is a new line of LED spotlights with exotic color spectrum

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    The Vital-Wave LED spotlights by Eco-Lamps are just what the reef doctor ordered if you have a hankering for ‘rare’ LED color spectrum like Cyan, Indigo and Ultraviolet. Eco-Lamps, better known in the US as AcanLighting, has released the Vital-Wave LED spotlights in a 3 watt and a 7 watt version, the latter of which comes in two slightly different color ratios.

    The 3 watt Vital-Wave violet includes one UV, one indigo and one royal blue LED whereas the Cyan version of the same power level includes one blue, one royal blue and one cyan LED – so the former is on the deeper side of blue while the latter is on the lighter side.*There’s four flavors of the 7 watt Vital-Wave LED spotlight but the one we want to try out most is the Vital-Wave Full Violet which includes two UV, one royal blue and four indigo LEDs – it’s the 420nm spike of the indigo/blue-violet LED that we really want to bake our SPS corals with.*

    LEDs really got their start in the aquarium hobby by spotlighting parts of reef tanks, but even though a great deal of us are using complete LED fixtures over our corals and fish, there’s no reason why we still can’t use LED spotlights like the Eco-Lamps Vital-Wave for incorporating uncommon shades of violet, indigo, ultraviolet and cyan.*Let’s hope AcanLighting already has some of these on order because it’s been too long since we’ve had a fancy new LED spotlight to try out.

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