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    The power and beauty of coral fluorescence has been well known within the aquarium industry for* a long time, but it wasn’t until quite recently that blue UV lights started to gain significant traction in the diving industry. This is partially due to the release of LEDs which are smaller, more efficient and feature specific wavelengths compared to dive lights previously used.

    Visions in Blue is one such fluorescent video, featuring the stunning reef life of Koh Tao, Thailand, including some very interesting fluorescent fish. The video was created by UV Dive Koh Tao which is the first company to offer fluorescent night dives in Thailand.* Even if you have seen many of the other fluorescent diving videos we’ve been posting, this video is still well worth watching as the footage is fantastic, and the video well put together.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    For more information on the fluorescent live of Koh Tao, and a lot of amazing pictures be sure to head over to UV Dive Kau Tao website.
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