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    At Reef Builders we obsessively cover every aspect of the marine aquarium world; the fish, the corals, the great displays, and especially the new products. Since we spend so much time thinking about new*products, sometimes its nice to see what aquarium hobbyists of old used to keep their tanks in good shape, and the weird marketing that manufacturers used to hawk their wares.

    It’s one thing to look at the products advertised in old magazines but if you want a piece of aquarium history, freshwater aquarium fish specialist All Oddball Aquatics has two pages*of vintage aquarium products for sale. The antique aquarium goods range from foods, to heaters, backgrounds, and a whole lot more. Follow the break to see our favorites of the vintage aquarium products we spotted while browsing these blasts from the aquarium past.*

    5819180_orig.jpg Mmmmm, Ant Eggs! The old-school labels with all hand-drawn art work is notably absent these days.

    351365_orig.jpg This antique Rena C20 'Kreiselpump' looks remarkably similar to today's basic powerhead design

    3212031_orig.jpg OMG, gotta get some of that Ionetic Bio-Filtration System for the nano reef!

    2781600_orig.jpg We can't figure out why metallic art-deco aquarium backgrounds fell out of favor

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