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    Hi all reefers. Here is a list of the corals that landed this morning from Vietnam.

    Actinodiscus Green Mushroom corals
    Zoanthus Green Soft polyps green
    Zoanthus Orange Button polyps
    Zoanthus Brown Button polyps
    Heteractys Crispa Violette Sebae anemone
    Ricordea Sp Corallimorphe Floride
    Actinodiscus Green Mushroom corals
    Actinodiscus Brown Mushroom corals
    Actinodiscus Brown Mushroom corals
    Actinodiscus Sp Mushroom corals
    Hippocampus Comes Tiger tail seahorse
    Ricordea Yuma - Green Flower mushroom coral
    Heteractys Crispa Violette Sebae anemone
    Entacmaea Quadricolor Bulb tentacle anemone
    Stychodactyla Gigantea Giant carpet anemone
    AN12 Stichodactyla Hadoni Haddon's sea anemone
    Zoanthus Sp Button polyps
    Rhodactis Sp Lavender mushroom
    Lobophythum Pauciflorum Corallo a cavolfiore
    Discosoma Sanctithomae Warty mushroom
    Zoanthus Sp Button polyps

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