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    It has been a few weeks since the butterflyfish demigods landed in BlueHarbor, and we’re pleased to report that they are doing amazing. We first caught wind of these fish while they were still with Rufus Kimura, and then again with better pictures when they were shipped to Koji of BlueHarbor. It has come time to finally view these fish in motion, as Koji reveals a video demonstrating the health of his fishes.*

    The butterflies are showing zero signs of swimming problems or any open infected sores commonly seen in deepwater fish. The *collection and post collection procedures were professionally carried out by none other than deepwater fish collecting legend Rufus Kimura. This is a much better experience for both Koji and Rufus as compared to previously where two pioneer R. excelsa were caught. They however, did not do as well as these two with one dying shortly after collection while the other developed an infected sore.

    The butterflies are showing interest in food, and one took a bite of frozen mysid shrimp. We’re sure in no time they will start feeding more. Noteworthy of a mention are two rare anthias that share the same tank. A young Odontanthias fuscipinnis, and the very rare Pseudanthias rubrolineatus, which bears superficial resemblance to the ubiquitous P. fasciata.
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