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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The newest Peppermint Angelfish that was received by Waikiki Aquarium has been put on display. It has been about two months since the news of the new Peppermint Angelfish hit the interweb and within that time frame, it has been upgraded from its quarantine tank, to a brightly lit reef tank. It hasn’t been long since the Peppermint Angelfish has been introduced into its new tank and as expected, it’s not having the easiest of time building rapport with its tank mates. It is however, looking quite full and is probably eating well.*

    The barbershop pole lookalike is kept with a Coris venusta,*and another angelfish right up there sharing its same deity status – Centropyge abei. Although both are showing some aggression towards the newcomer, we don’t expect it to last long and the Peppermint Angelfish should feel right at home in no time. It may need a little while to get used to the brighter lighting, but that shouldn’t be a problem as can be seen by the very comfortable and healthy looking Abei Angelfish, which is found in equally deep and dark habitats as the Peppermint Angelfish.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The new Peppermint at Waikiki will look like this exemplary individual above in no time, and we hope to see more updates in future. From the audio in the first video, it looks as though the Coris venusta*might be taken out to ease the aggression which is great. Even better news that can be heard from the clip is that Waikiki may be receiving more Peppermint Angelfish in the near future. For now, let’s hope this one enjoys a smooth transition into captive life.
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