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    Late last summer a tiny masked angelfish, Genicanthus personatus, was captured in Hawaii by Rufus Kimura. We heavily covered this tiny specimen of the demi-god masked angelfish, first with an on-site video of the tiny masked angelfish, and later on with some great G. personatus pictures from Koji Wada of Blue Harbor in Japan.

    Here we are about six months since the tiny masked angelfish was caught, and we’ve come across a recently uploaded video of the baby personatus angelfish that shows it in perfect health, and loving life in a fully loaded reef tank of corals and other rare fish. It’s really neat to see how much the tiny masked angelfish has grown, and how much girth it has put on since it was a little bee of a fish in Kimura’s collection bucket. We can only hope that the new owner of the smallest G. personatus ever caught will keep the world updated with new videos every 6-12 months.
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