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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    If you thought that radiated filefish,*Acreichthys radiatus,*were cute in pictures, just wait until you see the tiny one in the video above swimming through one of Kevin Kohen’s awesome small office reef tanks. Just because he works at LiveAquaria doesn’t mean Kevin only has eyes for $5000 fish like the Rainfordia;*unusual and affordbale fish like a tiny radiated filefish can get some swim time in Kevin’s reef tanks.

    The video of the radiated filefish*turned out pretty well from the abundance of coral growth providing the best backdrop one could for. It’s worth mentioning that the corals are all LED-grown and it’s nothing fancy, just a two year old original Panorama LED fixture that is supporting a wide range of soft and stony corals. Since the closely related bristle-tail filefish A. tomentosus has been bred in captivity we can think of a few marine breeders who would love to be the first to breed the radiated filefish, especially since the juvies look and act so interesting.
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