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    The beautiful new Sunrise Anthias that was discovered by Antoine Teitelbaum in New Caledonia and photographed by Quality Marine has now gotten its turn behind the videographer’s lens. Thomas Brown had his camera on hand and at the ready on a recent visit to QM on 104th street and he made use of the opportunity to film and document this incredible new*Anthias*species.

    Closely related in appearance to some of the other slender species of deep dwelling*Pseudanthias*species, the New Caledonia Sunrise Anthias is a veritable smorgasbord of color. If you thought that Quality Marine’s already incredible pictures of the Sunrise Anthias did the new fish any justice, we are surprised to tell you that these fish look cray-cray in the video clip.

    [​IMG]On top of an already gorgeous yellow and pinkish base body coloration, each vertical bar of the fish appears a slightly different hue giving the impression of a veritable rainbow of stripes along the fish. And don’t even get us started on that striking first dorsal spine of the males. The best part about this new, undescribed species of anthias? It’s not a one-off specimen of a fish, Quality Marine is importing enough of these that those who are so inclined can assemble a pair or a trio with relative ease, and for a fair price.*

    We can’t wait to see them with our own eyes.

    New species of Anthias discovered by Antoine Teitelbaum - YouTube
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