RSS Video of many aquarium fish in a natural reef environment in the Phillipines

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    This video by TikiTiki Divers in Moalboal, Ceb Island Phillipines is an interesting one documenting a wide variety of popular reef aquarium fish in their natural habitat. In this video you can see a small group of harlequin filefish cavorting around a staghorn coral, a large frogfish perched on a similarly colored sponge, a reclusive jawfish, the enigmatic razor goby and some randalli anthias schooling in the water column. What we find especially enlightening about this video is that in just a few seconds you can glimpse what these fish are really like in the wild, like the razor goby hovering over a burrow in the sand and the randall’s anthias swimming upside down even some distance away from the reef face. The dense school of shrimpfish is particularly fascinating to watch as they tightly school in synchrony over the bottom.
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