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    Casper the white tang is an iconic all-white specimen of Zebrasoma flavescens*which is the pride and joy of World Wide Corals in Orlando Florida. A couple years back when Casper was a greenhorn to aquarium life, we got a chance to visit him at WWC at which time he was still kind of skittish, and hard to photograph yet almost impossible to shoot a video of.*Fast forward two years and a few weeks back we had the chance to visit Casper again, now residing in a much larger aquarium where he dominates the pecking order and spends lots of free time letting the other “yellow tang” know where he stands in the pecking order. There are piebald yellow tangs, tricolor scopas tangs and other aberrations of Zebrasoma*but words, pictures and even video can’t convey how majestic Casper has become. As diehard marine and reef aquarium enthusiasts, gazing at Casper the white tang for us must feel like gazing at a white buffalo might have felt to native Americans back in the day. Follow the break to catch the video of Casper so you can see what we mean.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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