Vetrix's 2.2M Upgrade

31 Oct 2008
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So my 1.2M just wasn't cutting it any more and decided to go bigger, its always better bigger, right? :)

Plan is to have it built into the wall of my lounge with my study on the other side, so viewable from the two longest sides. Looking like a picture frame on the lounge side.

Dimensions just narrowly put it into the super sized category.
Length 220cm Width 80cm and water level at 60cm.
1,056 Litres of water.

Been planning this one for a while now, so have had time to look out for specials and second hand deals on all the kit required.

So far I have the following ready to go.

4x Jebao RW-15's
1x Jebao WP-40

Jebao DC 12000

Reef Octopus PS-5000 INT

2x Zetlight ZT6600

More details and pics to follow soon.
On the lighting, I would like to add T5's to this, think the 2 Zetlights will struggle in this tank with SPS dominating the coral mix.

Was thinking of 2x Dual 56W and 2x Dual 39W, one of each along both the sides of the Zetlights.

Any opinions on this?
Have a question regarding the sump design.

The below pic is the idea I've been playing with.

So, overflow from tank into socks, then over divider into skimmer area.
Then, flow over into the Cubes chamber and then under through the media rank chamber and over into a bubble trap which then flows over into the DSB and then return.

Intend on using bio cubes in the cubes chamber. Seagel and purigen in the media rank chamber.
This way I know that 100% of the water is moving through the cubes and media.

My question is, do you foresee any problems with forcing the flow of the return through the cubes and media rack chambers? Good idea or bad idea?


I would ditch the dsb. It's going to become a nutrient trap and force youT cubes to work harder.

The idea was that by the time the water meets the DSB it would already have been through the filter socks, skimmer, cubes and media.

That should ensure that very little detritus actually gets to the DSB?

Thanks, though. You got me thinking and I might instead make it a fuge area, not decided yet.
I wouold move the media and cubes partition to be before the skimmer. and you would still need an air pump for the cubes as just the water moving through them is not enough in my experience

Thanks! You right. The cubes especially should be before the skimmer so the mulm can be skimmed out.
Wht is the dimensions of each chamber?

Why the return chamber so big? Do you have a RO chamber nearby and connected?
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