Urgent help needed VERY sick regal tang

Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by Jaco Schoeman, 22 Oct 2010.

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    Good day

    I have a very sick and desperate Regal Tang. It is still quite small, about 5 / 6cm from nose to tail.

    It didn't look too well coloured in the LFS, but I thought it was just malnutrition. I bought it, and introduced it to the tank.

    As per normal, it got small little white spot dots after about two or three days. Then the white spot got worse, then got less, then got worse again and then less again etc.

    The regal was swimming nice and healthy all this time, and eating like only tangs can... I fed it flakes with Garlic, brine shrimp (live and frozen) mysis shrimp and Cyclop-Eeze. I have been having this fish for about three weeks now, and didn't stress too much about it at first, as I know they are prone to ws and normally, with previous experience it goes away.

    Now, today I see her one eye has like a bubble over it, and she did not take food this morning. Her color is much better than from the LFS, but still has ws and the bubble eye...

    How do I cure her? Prefferably I don't want to remove her from the tank, but I cannot dose any copper based medicine, as I have a full coral reef.

    Please advise, my kids are gonna kill me if Dorry dies...:(
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    Sorry you broke a few rules here.

    1.Never buy a discoloured fish,normally means it has some sort of stress factor eg parasite.
    2.Never not QT a fish esp if you have a reef and cannot medicate with copper etc.

    The White spot would come and go as it goes through its life cycle.
    My guess is the eye infection is most likely a secondary bacterial infection due to skin damage by the white spot.
    My advice is catch the fish treat with copper,then when the white spot gone treat with malachite green for the eye infection.
    Good luck and watch your other fish to see it has not spread over the next 4 weeks.

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