Very bad B'day

7 May 2007
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Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Unfortunately I wasn't the happiest camper at the time.

It happenned last Friday.

The dreaded tank burst, it obviously didn't take the moving as well as I had hoped.

I'd been out for an hour, and came home to all my SPS out of the water. Pretty horrible feeling.

I moved them outside to another tank, and they seemed ok, but over the week I've lost most of my SPS, which has been very, very hard.

Anyway, thats my sad news.

The great news is that the next tank is going to kick butt.

Cheers Rob.
Geez Rob, really sorry to hear that, that is really sad news. All i can say is if there is any frags you looking for from my system please let me know.
Sorry to hear that Bob, was that the tank with the rounded front?
sorry to hear to hear bob!luckily you did save some of the stuff
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Sorry to hear about the tank - been there myself some 3 years ago... ended up with 500 litres of water in my sitting room.

Anyway... This sounds like a frag donation is needed here, chaps.

Bob, get the new tank up and let us know when it's cycled and ready for re-population, and we can all donate a frag or two.

Yeah sorry to hear Rob, I know the "loose all your corals" feeling. Let us know when the new tank is up.
Damn Rob, sorry to hear this.

Here's to your new tank, and if it's anything like the olf one it's going to be killer.
Thanks guys.
Ja it was the round fronted tank. the split was on the back/square corner though.

Thank you all for the generous offers of frags later on.

Sorry to hear this Rob.... Good luck with recovering.... For me at least is was JUST life-stock. You have to get new tank, AND life-stock (I had a tank-crash in the beginning of this year).... Probably cost me more than R3000 to re-stock my tank.... and another probably R6000 to upgrade my tank that I do not have tank crashes anymore.... (fingers crossed)....

Good luck mate.... know the feeling....
At least you are positive about your new tank, and don't want to give up, at least...
At least they in good hands. Did that beautiful Elegance survive the trauma?
Damm, I’m so sorry to hear this Rob. You had such an awesome tank. I know the new one will be even better but it will take some time to build up your colonies again. I could kick myself now for not taking some frags when I last visited you.
Hope this is not too painful but think others that haven’t seen it, should see what it looked like.





ouch what a loss but these thisnga happen to determine our commitment to dare i say this lifestyle!!!..

from somebody who went through this : you will come back stronger and now you get to change a few things that have been bugging you (if there were any)

i live by the motto that if you got it right once you can get it there again...

patience is the main thing..

good luck bud
When are you expecting the new system to ne up and running Rob?
Damn, Rob shout if you want some frags.
Thanks for the kind words Andrew.

Alan all the LPS were fine, also the fish. New tank should be operating in next two months or so.
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