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    Vertex Aquaristik had some really good looking sumps on display here at MACNA. Following the red and white color scheme as the rest of their products, these PVC welded sumps bring a level of beauty to the filtration core of your reef aquarium. The back and sides are PVC, while the front is acrylic with numeric water level values etched in. All the edges are elegantly rounded, including the top bracing. This is a nice gesture for those of us accustomed to getting scratches under the arms when working on our sumps with sharp edging. The sumps come with the option of having 3 filter socks in the drain area or down pipes positioned to ensure very little detritus settlement in the first chamber. If you opt for the filter socks, there are 3 total. Two are dedicated to tank drains, and the third is a backup in case the original two clog.

    These luxurious sumps include probe and dosing pump tube holders as well. The sump’s water level is dictated by an adjustable baffle before the return pump. The ten stainless screws holding the position of this baffle seemed a bit tedious to deal with, but ultimately adjusting your sump water level is a one time chore. The new Vertex V6 return pump was plumbed with a section of silicone tubing, which in addition to the vibration dampening feet would ensure silent operation.*All drain and return pipes come fitted with quick-release unions, to ensure easy removal of the sump when needed.

    Everyone knows that people love to see what is running your reef tank. Combined with their attractive skimmers and media reactors, this sump would be sure to wow your buddies when they request to see what’s underneath. Pricing, sizing, and availability are still being finalized.

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