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    The Vertex Omega 150 internal cone skimmer is the newest vertex skimmer to enter US the market. We covered the big brother of the Omega 150 more than*two years ago at Interzoo, which is an external model and featured a controllable Red Dragon DC pump. The Omega 150 cone skimmer however is built with more of a budget reefer in mind and is focused at smaller aquarium applications. This means the Omega 150 loses the controllable pump and external application, but it still features the same cone design (or ‘wine glass’ as Vertex prefers to call it).


    The Vertex Omega 150 internal cone skimmer is rated for aquariums up to 150 gallons, and can be used on aquariums as small as 40 gallons. The modified Sicce pump pulls*850lph of air at 19 watts, which is certainly impressive. The Omega skimmer has a footprint of 11 by 11 inches and rocks a 6” taper to the cone. The Vertex Omega is currently*available*for pre-order at an*introductory*price of $349 via Premium Aquatics. The skimmers are expected to arrive in December.
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