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    We have a new FirmWare for the Illumina, 1851, which you can download from our website. As this is a complete re-work of the software, you should do a complete up-date, rather than the necessary up-date. Depending on the size of your Illumina, this will take up to an hour. Each pad will beindividually up-dated. Make sure you have a good connection to the lamp from the computer. We recommend being within 6ft/2m of the lamp. You can read the connection status at the bottom bar of the DeskTop programm.

    If you have not up-graded to the DeskTop 1845 software, please download this and perform the up-date beforehand. It makes the subsequent up-dates much easier (new pop-up guide windows)

    Also, check that you are using the latest V-Stick software, 1695.

    Here is a direct link.

    Other than we have fixed a couple of clock problems in the previous version, we have added a new category for lamp temperature. When clicked, it will monitor the actual running temperature of the lamp. Depending on the ambient temperature, this will be between 50°C to 80°C, which are well under the rated 120°C for the LEDs. To be honest, this is one of those features we built in because we could and find users appreciate the information.

    If you have questions, just post here!


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    Manzini / Swaziland
    hi all

    does anyone know where we can download the latest or even any of the firmware versions or the desktop app... the vertex site seems to have been down for a while now. perhaps someone that has the files can kindly upload them :)

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