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8 May 2007
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The Vertex I-Supra C+ is a radical new sump design from Vertex Aquaristik which takes the ‘kitchen sink’ approach to total reef aquarium filtration. While reef aquarium sumps have received intensive modernizing redesigns in recent years, the Supra C+ is the most extreme to date, with an exhaustive assembly of bells and whistles that scream Hot Rod for your reef tank.

We got an early first look at the I-Supra C+ sump at Reefapalooza in Costa Mesa earlier this year, and the new trailer released by Vertex Aquaristik shows this eye-catching new reef toy in exquisite detail. The feature set of the Vertex Supra C+ sump is too lengthy to go over in extensive detail, but we’ll do our best to mention the highlights.

The Vertex Aquaristik I-Supra C+ comes in two sizes, the Supra C+ which comes standard with an Omega 180i protein skimmer, and the Supra C+ 200i with an Omega skimmer of the same name. Both sump models include an obsessive/compulsive level of cable, line, and probe organization, and are also both equipped with a Vertex V3.5 return pump.

The entirety of the I-Supra C+ sumps are pre-plumbed with true union ball valves across the board, both for drains and returns. An interesting chamber-bypass manifold built into the plumbing of the return pump allows the adjustable weird center section for the protein skimmer to be completely circumvented so you can embrace your inner OCD in keeping this chamber clean as well.

Other bells and whistles include a built in skimmate waste drain port, a hard plastic rubber under-mat to evenly distribute the weight, and our favorite part, a dedicated section for holding ceramic biomedia which has been shown to contain the most surface area per volume of any biological media we use in our aquariums.

We could go on and on reading you Vertex’s own press release, but at this point it’s probably best you watch the trailer and check out some of this for yourself. For all the attention to details, we can’t find a single mention of the Supra C+ sump’s exact sizes, nevertheless, the I-Supra C+ 180i will retail for $2349 and the 200i will set you back $2499, and that pricing includes shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states.

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