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    The Vertex Cerebra aquarium controller has been the white buffalo of the reef aquarium hobby for what seems like a generation in aquarium years. We first sighted this mythical aquarium computer, based on the Android mobile operating system, six years ago at InterZoo, and now it seems like this baby is finally ready to come out of the oven.

    A new teaser video from Vertex promises an imminent release, slated for June 20th, so just under a month from now. Unlike the current generation of mainstream aquarium controllers, the Vertex Cerebra is designed with a graphical user interface in mind, just like your android smartphone, and the abolishment of tedious and cryptic coding commands.

    Vertex has been saying that their new Cerebra controller will be released a few months from now, for at least four of the last six years since the device was first introduced. In that time we’ve seen the company perfect their own line of aquarium specific pH probes, a unique power bar, and a whole stable of compatible accessories and devices to round out the ecosystem.

    The only that’s been missing is the nerve center of the whole system, the Vertex Cerebra. With this video announcement we feel confident that development of the Cerebra aquarium controller has finally reach a plateau and that this highly capable electronic fruit is finally ripe for the picking. We’re really looking forward to Vertex competing in the aquarium controller space and interoperating with their current crop of high performance devices, so let’s all see and look forward to the final announcement of pricing, availability, and the full feature set for the long awaited Vertex Cerebra aquarium controller.
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