RSS Vertex Aquaristik soon releasing affordable add-on skimmer neck cleaner

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    Not content to let Avast Marine’s Swabbie have all the skimmate cleaning fun, Vertex Aquaristik will soon be releasing a protein skimmer neck cleaner of their own. The Vertex skimmer neck cleaner is powered y a durable brushless AC motor which can stand up to the stop and start and torque required of a neck cleaner. All titanium screws help to keep the lid tightly on the Alpha and Omega Kone skimmer cups for which it was designed, and more titanium screws allow quick and easy adjustment of the squeegee wiper blade to the desired length. With an expected release this fall, Vertex’s protein skimmer neck cleaner should retail fro approximately $169 with modified lids selling separately for between $20 and $50 depending on the size.

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