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    Never before have we seen so much care and attention to detail placed in magnetic aquarium accessories as there exists in the Vertex Aquaristik algae magnets and magnetic holders. The Vertex Simplex and Duplex and the Sensor Mag probe holder were just the beginning of Vertex’s plans for a complete line of magnetic aquarium accessories.

    Built from shiny clear acrylic, lustrous neodymium magnets and titanium screws, the algae magnets and magnetic holders from Vertex look so good, instead of tucking them around the side of the tank to hide them users are more likely to leave them in a prominent place where they can be seen and enjoyed.*

    OK, so we kinda like Vertex’s magnet scrapers and magnetic holders maybe a little too much but with all others being made cheap, plastic-y and with large logos blatantly emblazoned all over them, there’s no denying that the Simplex, Duplex and Triplex are the most presentable aquarium magnetic glass cleaners around. We could totally see the Vertex acrylic-and-metal magnet scrapers and holders being designed and marketed by ADA and used by Amano himself, that’s how good they look.

    But hey it’s not*all about the looks right? Vertex’s Simplex, Duplex and Triplex are beautiful*and*strong, with good felt padding to wipe down the dry side and strong rough scrubbers to scrape the algae away from the wet side. Their prices are right too with the Vertex Simplex, Duplex and Triplex selling for $10, $15 and $30 respectively. Honestly though, the tiny Vertex Simplex is so small we don’t know exactly how tiny of a tank you could use it on, but the Vertex Duplex and Triplex are right on, even if the Triplex algae magnet scraper is almost three times the size of the Vertex Duplex.

    Likewise, the Vertex Sensor Mag and Tube Mag follow in the general footsteps of the algae magnets. Both the Vertex Sensor Mag and Tube Mag can be used to hold the feed lines from a dosing setup but the larger Mag Sensor can also hold various pH, orp and temperature probe sensors. Furthermore, the Vertex Tube Mag is only suitable for wall thicknesses up to about a quarter inch, perfect for the dividers found inside the sump but only the larger Vertex Sensor Mag can hold a good grip on wall thickness up to half an inch, or about 1.25 centimeters. With the Vertex Mag Sensor selling for the $29 and the Tube Mag going for $25, given*the*choice we’d always upgrade to the larger and much stronger Vertex Mag Sensor.


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