Vacation tank fill

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    My tank has an ATO but sometimes it fails, especially while I am away so I installed this for the next time I go on vacation. I used to just invert a 5 gallon water cooler jug over the tank but now I don't have the room for that so I just put a hook in my ceiling and ran a tube to another float valve on the tank that is adjusted to fill the tank in the event the regular tank fill stops. Of course I remove this bucket when I am home as I keep hitting my head on it and it is just for emergencies. If I am going for two weeks I just hang another bucket next to it and put in a siphon hose so when the water in one bucket starts to empty, the water siphons from the second bucket to the first.
    This emergency installation took about 15 minutes and now I could set it up in less than 2 minutes.

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