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8 May 2007
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NanoV is a new frozen aquarium food which features a new formulation that keeps it in a ‘soft freeze’. NanoV Soft Freeze must be kept in a freezer but it remains soft and ready to feed even at sub-zero temperatures.

The six new formulations of NanoV Soft Freeze include Microplankton, Krill Pacifica, ZooPlankton, Reef & Coral Combo, Reef Caviar and Mini Mysis Shrimp. Together all the foods in the new NanoV line from V2O are suitable for feeding a very wide range of aquarium animals from the soft corals which need the finest particle size to zooplankton for SPS corals and large pieces and chunks for LPS and small fish.

The soft freeze formula allows the new NanoV foods to be used immediately without the need for thawing, making it easier than ever to give your reef aquarium animals a tasty treat.  V2O’s new frozen aquarium food joins a growing movement to provide nutritious food particles in a frozen slurry which doesn’t require thawing before feeding, while still keeping the food fresh and ready to use anytime. We didn’t catch the pricing for V2O’s new NanoV soft freeze aquarium foods but they should be reasonably priced compared to regular frozen fare when they start landing at your local fish store.


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