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4 May 2007
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Hi guys

What is the lifespan of UV steriliser tubes? Is it recommended to also replace these yearly?
8 months to a year dude
Suppose it depends how long you run them for every day.
how does one tell that the bulb needs replacing?does the bulb just burn out,or is it up to us to replace the bulb after 8months to a year guys?
I think its one of those that are left up to us.
Never used to but i do now with the heavy fish load, but only run it if the fish get sick.
Normally replace every 8-12 months and burnt out is when you can't see the blue glow thru the unit and remember to turn off during medication...Next question does a UV kill white spot in aquariums
there are 2 models of UV. 1) one where the tube is in a quarts sleeve which the water flows around and the other 2) where the water flows around the tube itself (the tube acts as the quarts sleeve), i feel that this also effects the efficiency of the lifespan of the tube

1) 6-8 months
2) 8-12 months

run continiously.
What are the cons to running 24/7 as opposed to running selectively? Sorry, a bit off topic.
Apparently kills of good organisms on which the corals feed.

However mine has been running 24/7 for 5 months now and no negative affects
yip Sims I do

Awesome stuff
The 3 in 1 sims
also running marcos waterboy unit.what marco did mention was to watch out for electrolysis in the water as it can stuff up the unit

Well that's what I'm worried about, I have wanted to get one but have been put off by it, have any of you had this problem?
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