Using PH/Orp controller to dose Kalk?

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    It looks like my tank's Ca demands are getting more and more. The normal Kalk reactor/RO topup isn't keeping up.

    Until I can get a Calcium reactor going, the idea I have is to use my SAGA PH/ORP controller to dose kalk based on PH levels. I would connect the power plug of the top-up unit to the PH controllers "control box". The controller is set to low, so when the PH drops to a certain level it would switch on the top-up unit, dosing kalk. This would be a two fold solution since it would keep my PH at a constant 8.3 and also dose kalk(or Ca more to the point). That would hopefully keep my Ca up to correct levels.

    It being winter now, evaporation rate is much less so topping up with RO isn't needed as much. This means less Kalk.

    Potential problems: I would have to monitor the salinity more closely. But with about 700L total water volume it would take some time to see a clear drop. I would also need to monitor the Ca levels so that it doesn't shoot through the roof. Again with 700L it would take time I think.

    I'm using te slurry method at the moment to get the Ca up a notch, but I don't want to make this a manuel process.

    Any comments to this idea? Good/bad? Any suggestions?

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