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    I have over ten tanks, mostly saltwater, reef and coral focused. You’d think that this type of setup would benefit from lots of automatic dosing I like to be more intimate with my aquarium’s water chemistry so besides automated top off for water evaporation, I prefer to manually dose the big four additives using these jumbo measuring bottles.

    I recently picked up these 32oz measuring bottles for dosing Calcium, Alkalinity Magnesium and Potassium to my five different coral tanks and systems. I use Seachem Reef Fusion as the two-part additive for*replenishment*of Calcium and Alkalinity and associated ions. I like to dose a lot of Magnesium and a ludicrous amount of Potassium so for these I mix up a solution of Brightwell’s dry powders of Magnesion and Potassion.

    Switching over to common measuring bottles for administering the four additives that I use the most has been a huge time saver. Beng able to squeeze an amount into the measuring bottle and simply pour it into the designated reef tank is so much easier than carefully pouring into caps or measuring containers, the latter of which need to be rinsed between uses.

    Not all reefers are in need of such a streamlined manual dosing technique but the fish stores and pro service guys with a lot of tanks to look after should take note of measuring bottles. The vast majority of reef aquarists still use manual dosing to keep their tanks’ basic water chemistry in balance so if the use of measuring bottles should catch on, could be only a matter of time before we see some reef additives packaged this way.
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