Used Equipment

12 Aug 2014
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What is everyone's opinion on buying and using used equipment such as Skimmers, Reactors,Return Pumps, Etc.
I am also using used equipment. But it is a risk one takes. if it wasn't for second hand equipment I would also not have been in this hobby.
Same as a secondhand car.

Although I think a car keeps its value better than used marine equipment.
The way aquarium things lose value after a purchase u can get decent 2nd hand stuff at most of the time half price so u get more for ur buck. But there is the risk of not having a warranty and not knowing its condition.
I have a second hand skimmer which works beautifully and a second hand dosing unit which is lasting longer than the new one I purchased.
There is generally a rapid upgrade rate on marine equipment so you can find pretty good stuff cheapish and it's still reliable just due to somebody wanting to keep up with the times.
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