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2 Apr 2010
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Name of Item/s: System with some extras
Your Location: Pretoria
Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection only
Price: R5000

Info and Images:

URGENT SALE. Need to move these items ASAP. Following system and extras are all included in the above price. Everything must go together.

Display Tank
1.3m x 0.9m x 0.65m 12mm starfire tank built by Idol Marine
- Skinny overflow
- Triple floating base
- 100mm wide bracing, 20mm thick.

Skimmer chamber
80L plastic drum drilled and fitted with 50mm elbow overflow.
- Can accommodate a skimmer with a footprint up to 420mm x 440mm.

Main Sump Tank
800mm x 800m x 300mm 10mm tank with baffles for channeling the flow

Return Chamber Tank
200mm x 400mm x 300mm 6mm tank

Skimmer chamber, main sump and return chamber interconnected with 50mm piping.

Top up tank
250mm x 450mm x 520mm 10mm tank (approx. 58L)

50mm x 50mm square tubing stand with detachable lighting rig and adjustable feet

Cabinet, DB board, all plugs and DIY ATO included.

HM Digital TDS meter and battery operated air pump.


Waterboy 4 stage RO unit


Vortech Backup Battery (Only the battery - PUMPS HAVE BEEN SOLD)


2 x Tunze 6105's with wide flow adaptors, 1 spare motorblock and 7092 controller


R5000 for everything!
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