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    I've been reading all the opinions on what type of UPS to use. For my large tank (with sump) we are using a Hailea 6350 return pump rated at 50 W.

    Over the weekend we tested it on a MECER 1400 VA UPS. The type sold for use on a PC. This is a modified sine wave model; the documentation says so.

    The Hailea pump runs on it without any notable increase in noise, erratic flow and no perceivable increase in temperature.

    Questions to the more knowlegable members out there:

    1. If the pump is plugged into the output side of the UPS, does it run of Eskom's reliable AC, or does it constantly run on the modified sine wave output of the UPS?
    2. How do these pumps typically fail; burn out, suddenly just stop or slowly deteriorate and eventually put out less flow?
    My thinking is that if it is normally running of the mains AC, and only reverts to the UPS generated power, I would be prepared to sacrifice the pump to save some expensive livestock, even if it eventually destroys the pump. The other option would be to connect the pump to the mains and use the UPS as a back-up, with an automated cut-over relay switch. Same argument.

    Comments please.


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