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8 May 2007
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Two years ago, Innovative Marine introduced the Nuvo Shallow Reef Series as one of the most ambitious line of all in one aquariums. Today Innovative Marine is introducing a fresh handful of new upgrades to the entire line, with dramatic price cuts to the Nuvo Shallow Reef series.

The new pricing for Innovative Marine’s Shallow Reef makes them the largest and the most affordable all in one aquarium systems you can get, right down to the stand. The higher quality hand-polished finish to the Nuvo SR stands brings them much more in the realm of furniture territory.

Previously it was possible to get the Nuvo Shallow Reef aquariums in black or white, either in a matte or a glossy finish. Today, the Nuvo Shallow Reefs will be offered in three colors, Pearl White, Obsidian Black and Gunmetal Grey, in a new and improved much higher gloss finish that will be standard on the entire line of Fusion, Lagoon and SR series aquariums.

More importantly, the upgrade to the entire line of Innovative Marine’s Nuvo Shallow Reefs will include a 33% price drop across the board. All of the Shallow Reef All in one tanks from Innovative Marine are sold with the stand meaning that an $1,800 Shallow Reef 60 will now sell for $1,300, the slightly larger SR-80 will slash $800 down to $1,600, and the six foot Shallow Reef 120 will drop a thousand bucks down to $2,500.


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