Upgrade Your Filter with Poly-Filter & MarinePure

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    Poly-Filter is considered to be the best mechanical/chemical media on the market! Poly-filter is a perfect way of increasing the quality of water and solving ALGAE PROBLEM. Both in small and large tanks, Poly-filter will polish the water removing all levels of organics and PHOSPHATES leaving the water crystal clean and clear, FREE OF ALGAE. Best of all. You know it's working because it will start changing colour. When it's full, it turns black, so you know it's time for a new one.

    MarinePure is perfect as biological filter media to partner with Poly-Filter. MarinePure is designed for Ammonia and Nitrite Removal. Did you know that only one MarinePure ball has the same surface area as 1,350 plastic 1.5" bio-balls. This single MarinePure ceramic ball has 22 square metres of surface area. This means you can fit almost 20 times the surface area in the same space verses bioballs. A 1.9L box contains approximately 39 balls.

    For pricing and to find out where to buy, visit our website pethabitat.co.za
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