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17 Feb 2020
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Cape Town
So, I took the plunge and bought a second-hand RSM250. I will be starting this new journey to repair and replace the old stuff on this tank. Once it is ready I will migrate from the Boyu T550 to the RSM 250.
I am also thinking to upgrade the T5 lighting Starting to migrate as the bulbs go adding one of the Zetlight Lancia 2 marine tank led lights ( will use 2 or 3) as 2 T5 bulbs are blown.

I will replace some of the fans on the tank as some are dead one very noisy.
Will keep posting as I progress.

Tank 1.png


Will keep posting as I progress.
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Nice upgrade, looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
is the rest of the equipment in the RSM in working condition?
Nice upgrade, looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
is the rest of the equipment in the RSM in working condition?
Yes all working will use my Tunze 9004 Skimer as it has none, the bubble magnus z6 was available was too big so I decided not to take it with the tank.
Was quite a workout to get the hood undone to get to the fans and to prepare it to do a few modifications. Box with the fan replacements ready.


Got a Boyu CB90 LED light to replace the T5 tubes. Just now to plan the power upgrade to include the timer.
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The fans are now replaced and the new Lights are installed Cover still needs to be put back but Still thinking how to automat e the light settings since ESKOM kills the timmer, tank has been cleaned




The next step Aqua scaping.
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cant you bypass the timer can put an external digital one that keeps its time ?
Yes I am thinking about doing something like that at the moment.
Brought the RMS 250 to the 20th century with the digital timer.


Few issued that needed fixing.
1. Clean Sump:
a. remove filter media - clean / replace
b. clean each channel - one left to do
c. Service and clean return pumps - Done.
2. Repair electric wires - re-solder.
3. Replace Hood cooling fans - Done.
4. Upgrade T5 lights to LED - Done.
5. Upgrade timer with Digital timer - Done.
6. Upgrade LED Timer & programmable controller ( waiting for delivery)
7. Create new addition of aqua scape. ( in-progress ).
8. Move Boyu TL550.
9. Setup RSM250 in new space.
10. Add water and start the cycle.
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Brought the RMS 250 to the 20th century with the digital timer.


Busy to build a new aqua-scape.
Still cleaning the sump in the back quite a big job to remove the old gunk in the channels but getting there slowly now the last one left. Waiting on delivery for the LED light timer programmable controller.
Moved tanks into their new positions.



Next step is adding LED controller. Waiting for delivery.
Sand and rock work next then water to start cycle.
Adding half of the rock work the rest will follow after the cycle as they are cured and in the TL550.

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Water in, cycle started.
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Tank cycled
Start to slowly move over to the new tank. Added the two clowns and a few testing corals.





All going well.
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The ugly phase started adding cleanup crew.

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Slowly migrating to RSM 250

The tank is now near the journey and upgraded stages:
List done:
  1. Upgraded to LED light strip with controller - need to replace controller as it does not have a off cycle have to kill the lights manually at night ( ordered new one)
  2. Added Tunze 9004 Skimmer - working very nicely.
  3. Added Auto top-up and adjusted to keep water at desired level. ( gravity feed)
  4. Replaced the mechanical timer with digital one
  5. Replaced Submersible heater with External Temperature Controller and LED Temperature Display for Marine Tanks. ( power sufficient use 50% less)
  • Next steps:
    1. Replacing the cooling fans at the back - one is blown other one very noisy. Replacements arriving today.
    2. Replacing both return pumps with DC pumps ( this will lower power consumption and heat generation by the left pump)
    3. Tweaking the lights by new controller to create Sun rise to sunset settings and change over to blues LED's before shutting off.

  • Then to figure out how to add the auto feeder to this tank.
  • finally to enjoy the tank as it grows.
Will update with photos once everything is in place.
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All done just the light controller and auto feeder left to do


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Replaced LED lights as the Boyu LED strip stopped working it kept on flickering now replaced by ZP4000-590M and me and everything in the tank loves it.
Hopefully the Boyu Lights will be replaced under warranty and I will try to swap it for a ZP4000-895M if possible.


The Mobile camera don't do justice to the blue setting
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I have added the the Zetlight - Lancia II 895M ( got a discount special - cost me the same as the 590M)
Both running in sync and I can see there is less shadows and more brightness. The blues are also better at night.



There is still space for a second 895M but time will tell. ( picture -lights was running on second day time settings which is not as bright as my previous post above this post)
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