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    Here are some updates for all or aquarium hobbyist

    We will be receiving an Indonesian shipment today with some awesome corals and marine fish we haven't brought in for a while [​IMG]

    We also received some beautiful tropical fish [​IMG]

    For those who was asking about clown fish.... We are landing them on Monday. Visit our store not to miss out on them.

    SPECIALS!!!! We have instore:
    [​IMG]⭐ 22 kg coral pro salt down from R 1775.00 to R 1100.00
    [​IMG]⭐Tropical plants @ R 35 each ( this is only until Sunday)

    If you haven't entered our competition or raffle yet, visit or contact the shop for more details. There is lots of great prices to be won and off coarse an full setup Red Sea Max Nano worth
    R 20000.00 !!! [​IMG]

    I you haven't joined our whatsapp yet ,you can inbox us your number or visit the store.

    Definitely worth visiting our store

    Sea you all there[​IMG]

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