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    Are you hankering to take an aquarium to work, but don’t think it will fly with the boss? Then the upcoming*AppConverters Aquarium app for your iPad just might be right for you. Leveraging the same optical mechanics that powers teleprompters, the*AppConverters Aquarium creates a virtual aquarium on an angled pane of glass to reflect digital fish from the iPad above to create the illusion of a real aquarium.

    You can customize your “aquarium” by placing rocks, plants, treasure chests or a tape*dispenser behind the glass to give it a 3D look for the augmented reality fish from the app. A neat trick with the app is when requested by you, the fish line up to display the time. There is also a companion iPhone app that lets you go fishing in the tank.


    The*AppConverters Aquarium hasn’t been priced yet and we can see this as a novel way to bring the aquarium experience to the office. As one reader noted on Gizmodo, it would be genius if the dock also charged the iPad giving it form and function. We also see it could also function as a speaker system to play music as well, possibly integrating a device like the Braeburn Accoustics player into the dock.

    We think they should make the code available so users can create their own unique aquarium companions. It would be great to add some more interesting and rare fish such as a Peppermint Angelfish,*Prognathodes basabei*or*Lipogramma trilineatum.*Throw in some interesting coral, anemones and other reef denizen to create a killer reef. It would also be fun to hack it with other fun objects like a scuba diving hamster or mermaids.

    [via Gizmodo*via*Wow! Stuff*via*Pocket-lint]
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    Lol, nothing beats a real reef... Not even a virtual reality 3d aquarium app...
    Must say, its a pretty clever idea though!

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