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    The Warner Marne MF Series protein skimmers represent at least three years of research in design and manufacturing (that we know of). What started out as the Warner Marine K1 and K2 cone body protein skimmer made by JNS are now the Warner Marine MF Series of regular and cone body style skimmers made by Skimz. Black trimmed acrylic turned into white and now into blue trim. The externally mounted Sicce PSK 2500 became an internally placed Eden pump and like the directional needle wheel design before it, even this initial needle wheel design is slated to be retrofitted very shortly. The case in point is that every little detail of the new Warner Marine protein skimmer has been considered and we think it essentially became a refined version of the Skimz Monzter.

    warner-marine-skimmer-10.jpg The MF201 from Warner Marine costs $449, it draws around 1,000 liters of air with a 17 watt Skimz/Eden needle wheel pump. We’ve already had this skimmer running for a week but want to go over the first impressions before giving it a more critical review. For starters, the MF201 packs a lot of protein skimmer into a small package – some people may gripe at the loss of contact time due to the internal pump but given the choice between air volume and contact time we’ll take the extra air any day of the week. Furthermore, the MF201 has the outlines of a Monzter but the blue trim and some Warner Marine touches and it is a really striking protein skimmer and we’re not just saying that because it has Reef Builders colors.

    Some other things to love about the MF skimmers, those nobs sticking out the side of the body are awesome for carrying the entire assembled skimmer, and the holder for the skimmer pump is very good and tight – you have to push the pump into place with force to get it to inside the clamp all the way. The air silencer serves double duty as a air flow adjustment valve and every one of the identical thumbscrews screw into place with ease. Perhaps the only weak-feeling part of the MF skimmer is the integrated gate valve which is made from acrylic rod; it fits loosely into place where it slips into a slit at the base to control water level. The integrated gate valve takes a lot of turns to adjust so if you like very fine adjustment this is the water level adjustment for you.

    The Variable Bubble Technology plate is thoughtfully countersunk on the underside and although we’re still carefully observing the behavior of the turbulence inside the skimmer body, the foam around the conical neck and cup is extremely calm. Something about the MF Series skimmers feels right with just the right amount of acrylic, the way that the Euro Reef used to feel before ASM gobbled up their market with cheap plastic bodies. The one thing that is definitely different is that Warner Marine’s skimmer produces a lot more air, using a lot less watts while producing much more reliable foam. Lots more pictures of the first hands on below and stay tuned for a full review of how well this skimmer runs in the long run.





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