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    Komodo-flasher1.png Unknown flasher wrasse documented from the Komodo Islands. D & E - P. octotaenia and P. togeanensis for comparison respectively. Picture credits : A,B,C - Yoji & Hiro, D - Richard Field, E - Juvenile Mania.

    Flasher wrasses are ubiquitously distributed around Indian and Pacific Oceans. With their bright colors, fondness of relatively shallow depths and living in large congregations, it’s not difficult to spot them in the wild and hence, new species are not often described these days. Many species of Paracheilinus bear the trademark filamentous dorsal fin, be it one in P. mccoskeri, or numerous in P. filamentosus. A few species lack *the filamentous appendages on the fins but are by no means any less beautiful, and they often make it up by having unusually shaped dorsal fins such as in the case of P. octotaenia and P. angulatus.

    The unknown flasher wrasse known so far only from the Komodo Island shown above bears the closest resemblance to P. octotaenia and P. togeanensis. The big round unpaired fins is characteristic to this species. Initially the exact identity on the species was questionable as regards to wether it is a valid species, or a hybrid. However as multiple specimens have been photographed and with all showing very standard invariable characteristics, the hypothesis of it being a hybrid was unlikely. The unknown species was found to be locally uncommon and is currently being studied. Who knows, it could end up as a new valid species soon.
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