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12 Mar 2008
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Cape Town
Possible can of worms here, but oh well...

Should we be using any remedies/additives/supplements when we dont know what they contain? Many aquarium products dont list any ingredients nor any safety precautions. Besides going into the legal aspects of this, some thoughts i had about this are:
- If there is no list of ingredients (or concentration thereof) how can we be sure it will work
- without knowing whats in it, we cannot research to see if the ingredient does what the bottle says
- Does the bottle even contain anything or are we buying a fancy label and empty promise
- what happens if i accidentally ingest said substance. What are the first aid procedures, what do i tell the doctor etc
- when my fish/coral die, was it misdiagnosis or was it the improperly labeled medicine
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Very good question, thanks for asking. will be interesting to hear the answers.
I have not used any medication since i started my tank a year and a half ago. so i cannot really comment as i have no medications in my house. The only product i use is garlic guard.
from the other side, if you do have some miracle cure for whatever disease, do you want other companies to know what you got, just so that they can copy your product?

But I would at least like to see proper tests done with whatever product. Not just somebody who says that they used this or that with no ill regards to their tank. How do you see as a non marine biologist, what is the real impact on your bacteria in your tank, good and bad?

Its more like throw something in and pray it works.
i won some free stuff once , that i gave away with a tank i sold on gumtree , thought the dude knew better , he dumped it all in on the first day ...........nothing happened .....like NOTHING
People wont use NSW or feed their fish food collected from the sea cause they dont know whats in it...yet wont hesitate to dose an unlabeled miracle cure

just so that they can copy your product?

This happens in basically all industries. Look at generic medicines, they copies of patented medications.
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