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    The shrimp you see in this video is so perfectly camouflaged that even we have a hard time telling which end is which Looking mighty similar to*Trachycaris restricta from the Eastern Atlantic, Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula, this little decapod was documented blending seamlessly with the corals and coralline algae in its Lembeh,*Sulawesi*habitat.

    Locally known simply as “Jony’s shrimp”, the probable new species of Trachycaris*was sighted for the first time and only once so far in 20 meters of water in a dive spot that had been well visited for over a decade. At just half an inch long it’s no wonder that the super camouflaged*Trachycaris shrimp went unnoticed for so long and who knows how long it’ll be until divers and underwater photographers see another one.

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