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    The true sebae clownfish, Amphiprion sebae, is a very unique anemonefish that looks significantly different from the clarki clownfish which often borrows its name. We love true sebae clownfish and*we’ve been in love with the perfect specimen*on display at the Denver Downtown Aquarium for many years.

    We recently had the good fortune of catching the true sebae clownfish spawning with its clarki clownfish partner, both of which are large adult specimens of just under four inches long. Having two similar fish species dance around each other while spawning was the perfect opportunity to document how differently these fish look when their adult color is*fully*developed. As you can see the true sebae clownfish is much more striking with its solid yellow posterior so the next time you see Amphiprion clarkii being sold as ‘Sebae Clownfish’, tell the LFS staff what’s up.
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